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About us


We are Exeter’s leading health & wellbeing charity  working in partnership with Exeter City Football Club.

We deliver inspiring physical activity, education, health and wellbeing programmes and courses primarily across Devon and Somerset for all members of the community regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, physical ability, background or economic status.

A full-time staff of 30+ and a casual staff of 70+ (supported by around 25 volunteers) are delivering on the frontline daily spending around 22,000 hours out in the community every year striving to improve life chances for all, often in the most deprived areas of Greater Exeter and among the most disadvantaged groups in our society. 

While football is our beating heart, our work in the community has grown to extend far beyond. Our health, education, wellbeing and physical activity programmes reach over 45,000 members of our community each year and around 48% of those programmes are not football. The spread of our work is growing all the time.

 We want everyone to know you don’t have to play football, support football … or even like football … to benefit or participate. We are open and accessible to all, young and old, whoever you are, whatever your ability or background. 


DYNAMIC - if it can be done, it will be done

IMPACTFUL - we make a difference

ACCOUNTABLE - to our community and the trust placed in us

ETHICAL - in all actions and dealings OPEN receptive to all ideas, accessible to all people

COLLABORATIVE - valuing our many partners and relationship

OUR AIM: Physical health & emotional wellbeing for all.

ENGAGE People of all ages in activities that promote healthier lifestayles,improve emotional wellbeing & develop confidence.

IMPROVE The quality of life for anyone who is living with physical or mental disabilities

GIVE Young people access to a range of education & training opportunitites

DELIVER Programmes that motivate everyone to take part in positive community activities



Annual Accounts recorded are registered with the Charity Commision

Memorandum and Articles of Association