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Amputee Football


What is Amputee Football?

Amputee football is a small sided game (5 or 7-a-side) usual played on an astroturf pitch. The players all have one thing in common, they have some form of limb loss, limb deficiency, or a non-functioning limb. So really the name Amputee Football is misleading as you don't need to be an amputee to participate.

Who can play Amputee Football?

If you are an amputee, have a congenital deficiency or the incomplete use of a limb for any other reason, then you probably qualify to join in. So please think about coming along to a session and trying the sport with people who have similar experiences to yourself. Whether you are a cancer survivor, ex or serving member of the HM Forces or living with a congenital deficiency, all are welcome at Exeter City FC Amputee

Do I need to be young & fit to join in?

Not really, we can't do anything about your age! But we can give you advice on getting fitter if you think you need to when you have tried the sport. ECFCA welcomes players from from 9-16yrs (Juniors) and then from 17 upwards. All teams are mixed and may have players in their teens up to those who are 50+ and still going strong.

How far can I progress playing for ECFCA?

Many players have turned up just wanting to experience kicking a ball again and have gone on to travel the world, representing England & Great Britain in World & European Cups. Whatever your goals are we can accommodate them and help to fulfill your potential.

How can I get involved & start playing Amputee Football?

Our next Taster Session is coming soon ...........

Contact! Check out our Facebook group for further details      

It is advisable to come and watch a session first to see what it is all about, but when you start for the first time you can guarantee that you will have all the support you need to enable you to adapt to the game. You don't need to be a footballer either it is all about having fun and improving your quality of life, although we do advise that you bring a sense of humour along!