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Girls heading to Wembley!

Posted on November 19th 2014 by

We are now into our second year of delivering the Football League Trust's Female Football Development programme - the engagement of local schools with the project, which is aimed at getting more 14-25 year old young women into football, whether it be for fun, fitness or friendship - or something more serious.

We are taking a group of girls up to the England Ladies v Germany Ladies match at Wembley next weekend, which is a sell-out, to play in a tournament ahead of the game, which is hugely exciting and we hope it will inspire them to go on to progress further.

Neville Watts, who is the lead coach on the FFD project, has been delighted with how things have been developing. "It's been fantastic to see how some of the girls have really taken to football and we have been introducing them to teams and the schools are now even setting up their own girl's teams," he said.

A new group Neville started last week at St James School, the Exeter social group, is something he is particularly excited about. "Girls who are on the FFD project at St James wanted to get together with girl from other schools in the area to play social football games and have training sessions together. We are using this project to introduce Futsal and the girls enjoy mini friendly tournaments between themselves. Through social networking, they are encouraging as many girls from the city and region to join in as possible," he said.

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