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Ability Counts bucket collection on Saturday, September 8

Posted on September 5th 2018 by

Ability Counts is a fantastic programme which enables people with varied disabilities to get into football and offers them the chance to make new friends and become more socially engaged. 

On Saturday, September 8th, when Exeter City take on Notts County at St James Park, we will have bucket collectors from our Ability Counts teams in and around the stadium.

Will Allan, CCT’s Disability Officer, says that without people’s kind donations it would be extremely difficult for the programme to run at the level it currently does. 

“Like many grassroots clubs we start each season without a budget and must generate enough income to meet the clubs running costs over the season. At the same time we focus on being inclusive and aim to remove barriers to participation.  

"Many of our players work voluntarily in the community, in low income jobs or may struggle to find employment because of their disability. Donations from home and away fans on a matchday mean we can heavily reduce our playing fees making it affordable for members to attend weekly training sessions and monthly tournaments.

"We’re extremely fortunate to be backed by the football club who give us this fundraising opportunity each season. The players always look forward to bucket collection day at St James Park”

With five men’s teams and a women’s team alongside a deaf youth and men’s set up Ability Counts reaches out to a whole host of people. 

Will continued: “This season we have over ninety players across eight sides. It’s well documented how being part of a team environment can benefit any individual socially, as well as physically. Playing in a mainstream club may not be an option for someone with a disability so having the opportunity to access the inclusive Ability Counts environment means they can focus on playing football without feeling their impairment is holding them back.”

If you, or anyone you know is interested in Ability Counts then head to our website: or contact Will via email through:



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