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Man v Fat: "Turn up, lose weight, and you'll be a star player"

Posted on September 28th 2018 by

We’re sure by now lots of you may have heard of the Man v FAT initiative. It’s a national campaign designed to get overweight males playing football and losing weight to benefit their health.

We’ve had stories of men beginning the sessions with type two diabetes and then managing to reverse their condition and come off their medication through regularly attending the sessions and changing their lifestyle, through making better choices with their diet.

Andrew Shanahan, who is heavily involved with the MAN v FAT initiative, which takes place at Exeter City’s Cliff Hill training ground, explained how the scheme works and why you should join!

He said: "MAN v FAT Football is a six-a-side football league with two big differences. Firstly, it’s exclusively for overweight and obese men. Secondly, the goals on the pitch are only half the story.

"All MAN v FAT Footballers weigh in before each game and score bonus goals for their weight loss which is then added to the pitch score. With just under 70 per cent of UK men qualifying to play MAN v FAT, one of the best things about the leagues, where losers win, is that everyone is in the same boat.

"Unlike in other leagues the fat lad doesn’t get put in goal (unless he wants to play in goal) or not get picked. In our leagues you can still be a top scorer even if you’re rubbish. Turn up, lose weight and you’ll be a star player."

Across the country, players have lost over 120,000 lbs since the leagues began and there are more than 10,000 players across 70 leagues in the UK now. The first league has just launched in Australia as well. In Exeter, 95% of our players have lost weight and between them they’ve lost well over a tonne of fat since the league began."

We’re now looking for more players - if you want to find out more or join them you can sign up at - what have you got to lose?

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