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Success for CCT's First Health and Wellbeing Networking Event

Posted on June 27th 2019 by

On Thursday 27 June, CITY Community Trust welcomed Peter Aitken and Tom Chapman to their first Health and Wellbeing Networking event. Tom delivered a fantastic talk about his journey as a barber in setting up the Lions Barber Collective, a group that provides information and training about mental health to barbers. He explained how barbers see their clients regularly and notice even the smallest change in someone's appearance, behaviour, or demeanour.










People from local businesses across Exeter attended the event and enjoyed both Tom and Peter's presentations and the opportunity to network and meet new people from around the city and area. Mental health is an area of Health and Wellbeing that is often met with a stigma, so it is even more important that we promote discussions and conversations about the topic.


After such a successful launch event, CCT are excited to host their second set of speakers on 19th September 2019! Gill Hayes will be presenting ‘Depression and Suicide: Why We Need to Talk’ and she will be joined by the charity Action to Prevent Suicide. Both presentations will provide interesting information about looking after our own mental health and spotting warning signs in ourselves and others. 


To book onto this Health and Wellbeing Networking event, click here.

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