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Isca Apollo Football and Social Group

Exeter's LGBTQ+ friendly football


What is Isca Apollo?

Isca Apollo FSC are a group of predominantly LGBTQ+ individuals who are working to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for people who share our values to play football and socialise in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

Why do we need LGBTQ+ inclusive football?

LGBTQ+ individuals are vastly under-represented in the majority of popular sports, none more so than in men's professional football.  The accepted consensus is that football in particular has a problem with discrimination and abuse.  This has historically led to many young people dropping out of the sport as they have suffered discrimination because of their identity.  Worse still, promising LGBTQ+ individuals actively avoid playing or watching football as they fear potential abuse or discrimination.

Isca Apollo FSC believe that this is no longer acceptable and that we need to drive participation and visibility in the sport in order to combat discrimination and challenge prejudices.

What football activities do the club run?

We have regular training sessions, every Wednesday evening based in Alphington, Exeter.  In addition to this we compete regularly in 11 a side and small sided matches.

The club has qualified coaches who work with individuals to develop their abilities so that they can improve quickly to a standard where they can enjoy playing football on a regular basis.

Alongside the football we are a social group and consider that this is just as important as the football in building our team culture and allowing people to feel supported and fulfilled in their own lives.  We run a wide variety of different social events throughout the season which compliment our playing/training schedule and allows us to engage with the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Who can get involved?

Isca Apollo FSC is open to all players of adult age who share their values of inclusivity regardless of previous football experience or ability.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusive environment for anyone of any age, gender identity, race, religion or sexuality.

What else does the club do?

Isca Apollo FSC have close links with the local football community and aim to be a force for change in making sport more inclusive and enjoyable to people of all backgrounds.  We also have close ties with the broader LGBTQ+ community and aim to increase engagement in physical activity within the community by removing barriers of prejudice and positively promoting participation.

Sounds great… how do I find out more?

You can find out more, and keep up to date with our events through our social media, or by emailing the club.