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Who can participate in NCS?

NCS is open to all 15-17 year olds.

My child has additional needs, can they take part in NCS?

Yes, young people will be in the same group of up to 14 others for their NCS journey, each group will have a team leader and assistant team leader to support them at all times. If your child requires one to one support please discuss with us in more detail by calling 07487 233 094.

What do the young people do on NCS?

NCS comprises of three phases, the ADVENTURE residential phase where you get to stay away from home with friends at an outdoor activity centre. The DISCOVERY phase where you develop invaluable skills for work and life and meet inspiring people from your community. Finishing with the SOCIAL ACTION phase were you use all your experiences from Phases 1 and 2 to help you plan and deliver your very own social action project within your team.

The summer programmes take place over a four consecutive week period (Monday to Friday's). The ADVENTURE phase is a week long residential at an outdoor activity centre. The DISCOVERY phase is a second week long residential taking place at Bicton College. The final two weeks are all about MAKE A DIFFERENCE, this take place back in the Exeter area and is non-residential.


How can I sign up?

You can complete the online registration forms to secure an available place on one of our upcoming programmes.

How will NCS benefit me?

NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed to help 15-17 year olds grow in confidence and gain the teamwork and leadership skills that employers and universities value. NCS is also recognised by UCAS and will help deliver a great personal statement and CV.

Participants will also get the opportunity to take part in exciting activities, make new friends and contribute to their community.

When can I do NCS?

NCS takes place for four weeks during the summer holidays or during the autumn half term holiday.

Spaces on our Summer 2019 programmes are now available. Various start dates are available from 24th June - 22nd July.

For more details about available start dates please contact us on 07487233094 or start your application now.

How much does NCS cost?

Due to the government funding towards the programme the maximum you will pay for this experience is £50. This includes accommodation, food, activities and transport during the first two weeks.

If the programme cost is a barrier, there is an NCS bursary in place to assist you with this payment.

Where will young people be staying during the residential phases?

Phase 1 accommodation for the summer programme will be a festival style tent village, located in Polzeath, Cornwall. Phase 2 accommodation will be university style accommodation in Bicton College. Details of the accommodation and locations for each programme will be included in your welcome pack when you sign-up.

How do I get to the locations for each phase of NCS?

For the ADVENTURE & SKILLS phases of NCS, transport will be provided to and from the venue from Exeter City Football Club/Exeter area. 

For the SOCIAL ACTION phase of the programme, activities are based in a centralised local area that young people need to make their own way to.

Can I do NCS again?

Once a young person has taken part in NCS, they cannot do the programme again. However, there are opportunities open to them to continue with NCS. Each graduate automatically joins an NCS Association after graduation and has the chance to be elected on to a regional youth board. Another opportunity is presented in the form of the Graduate programme which supports the young people to undertake new voluntary activities. They also have the option of becoming a mentor for subsequent NCS programmes when they are old enough. For further details please contact the NCS Graduate officer on

My friend is taking part in NCS, will we be in the same group?

If you want to be grouped with a friend please email us with the start date of your programme and the names of your friends, we will then try to make sure that you are in the same group, we can always guarantee that you will be with at least one of your friends. 

I'm concerned about taking part in some of the activities on programme e.g heights?

Whilst young people are encouraged to take part in all activities and challenge themselves, we will never force a young person to take part in any activity that makes them feel uncomfortable. 

If you're concerned please call us to discuss on 07487233094 or email

Do I need to attend all of the programme?

In order for a young person to graduate from NCS they must complete all 3 phases of the programme.

All 3 phases must run consecutively and young people are not able to spilt attendance over multiple start dates.

If a young person needs to miss any time during the programme then please contact us before signing up to discuss.

I have asked for a specific start date, when will I receive confirmation of my start date?

You should receive confirmation within one week of receipt of your sign up pack. If you haven't received confirmation of you place within 10 days please contact us.

Are mobile phones allowed on NCS?

Young people may bring their mobile phones and will be able to use them when activities are not taking place. 

Please note we are not able to insure personal belongings so young people who bring mobile phones or valuables do so at their own risk.

Will young people need to bring any money with them when they come on NCS?

Young people do not have to bring any money, but they may want to bring a small amount with them as there maybe opportunities to buy snacks and souvenirs. We suggest a maximum of £10-15 for this.

Can dietary requirements be catered for?

We do everything we can to cater for specific dietary requirements and allergies.

Parents/Guardians should ensure they enter this information on the relevant section of the application form. If you have already signed up and need to add dietary requests please contact us as soon possible. 

Please note that food is only provided during residential phases of the programme, young people need to make their own provision for lunch on non residential phases.

What supervision will be available?

The young people will be grouped into teams of up to 15; each team will be allocated two adult mentors, who is responsible for the supervision of their team. Some mentors are employees of the organisations delivering NCS and others will have been recruited and trained specifically for the programme. The recruitment of mentors will be subject to an Disclosure and Barring Service Check (previously CRB) and will comply with ECFC’s Safer Recruitment Policy. All staff will have received a comprehensive training programme.

What Health & Safety provisions will be in place?

ECFC holds public liability insurance for NCS and individual venues have relevant insurance for their activities. Failure of a young person to follow all instructions and to act responsibly may invalidate insurance, in this case, young people may be asked to leave the programme.

Risk Assessments have been carried out to identify hazards and action taken to mitigate the risk. Whilst the organisations will take every reasonable step to ensure the safety of young people, it is also imperative that the young people act sensibly and follow all rules set by the organisers.