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Opportunity Club


Opportunity club runs each Tuesday from 12.00 -1.00pm  at Riverside Leisure Centre, with 5 a side games facilited by our experienced staff.

All sessions are free and aimed at those living in supported accomodation or in recovery or mental health community.

Contact or call 01392 255611 for further information

Tim YMCA June 2018

"At the YMCA we work with young people, of whom the majority would recognise that they are working through difficulties in their wellbeing.

"Being part of this tournament, I observed a noticeable difference to the YMCA lads, in terms of their attitude and their general emotional/mental and spiritual state.

"It was a great platform for them to take their football to another level in a supportive environment. I don’t feel that they would be quite ready to enter mainstream football leagues, but the ‘Every Player Counts’ tournament has given them a professional environment to enjoy their football and play competitive football.

"I love the focus on the wellbeing of the players, rather than merely on whether the team wins or not. To see the lads growing in respect, communication, enjoyment, fitness and teamwork is a real joy.  After the boost of this day, I am starting to see the positive affect it has had on these lads and their lives.

"The focus of the organisers fits very well with the YMCA’s desire to see young people thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

"Overall, an amazing day out and time for all involved."