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City Fit Club


City Fit Club  -  SEPTEMBER 2018

CITY Fit Club is offered to the over 30's who want to lose weight and become fitter and healthier both physically and mentally.

The project is held at St James Park for 10 weeks and will consist of a 30 minute, informative workshops around food, nutrition, goal setting and healthy lifestyles followed by a 45 minute light physical activity using the stadium landscape as the venue. 

There is no ability level required to join in, everyone aged over 30 years old who would like to benefit from the programme are welcome.

To register your interest contact 

Our first phase as part of the Get Active Exeter initiative has proved a fantastic success with some great feedback from those involved. For further information & to sign up up please contact Peter Ferlie,Health & Well Being Officer


Joined as 60 this year and a full time carer for husband with Alzheimers, wanted to get fitter again and knew it would also help my mental health and self esteem. 

I go twice a week and however tired or low I am, it gives me a real boost. I'm definitely fitter, stronger, made new friends and we have a laugh. Being in fresh air and out of a gym environment is a real bonus too. Great coaches and an inclusive ethos.
After a year I'm definitely in better shape and it's become a very important part of the structure of my mad weeks, getting me out and something for me.



I joined because it 's fun, light, engaging encouraging & friendly.  People with the same goal and to meet some.different people.  The price is fantastic in thats it's FREE  and I've never left feeling angry, down depleted or low in mood, can't say that for.other things I've tried.  I Do worry about what should and shouldn't do re the rheumatoid arthritis but Callum and Bertrand have given me alternatives or step down exercises(and you still feel involved).



Fit club is really important to me as it has given me a sense of purpose. 

e and focus for me in my life which for a long time has felt out of my control. Due to  illness my life has changed and fit club has given stability in a really supportive environment. It has also given me strength to face the challenges of life making me both physically and mentally stronger, also meeting amazing people and inspiring coaches.



For me coming to the fit club course in Jan gave me the get up and go and to get motivated again to do something on a regular basis 
It got me  into the c25k and motivated to get back into running  
I enjoyed the social aspect and learnt a lot about healthy lifestyles
I think the main impact is not just me but this has had a huge  benefit to my family who we have also managed to motivate in doing some kind of fitness
My son really enjoyed coming along during the summer holidays with his dad and this has def had a huge impact
We are def a lot fitter and can run the parkrun on a weekly basis which I would never have done back in a January